Earth No More [Cancelled]

Earth No More [Cancelled]

Earth No More is a cancelled FPS that was in development from 2007 to 2009 by Recoil Games (a studio based in Finland and founded by Remedy Entertainment co-founder Samuli Syvahuoko), using UE3 game engine, and it would have been published by 3D Realms / Radar Group for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Earth No More would have been set in a small New England town quarantined due to a mysterious environmental apocalypse. Sadly the development had to be stopped because Recoil Games had some financial problems. After a while, they were able to create a new game, Rochard, that was released as a digital title for PC, Mac and PS3, but it’s currently unknown if Earth No More will ever be resurrected for current-gen consoles. You can find more about Earth No More on Wikipedia, IGN and Gamasutra.



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One thought on “Earth No More [Cancelled]

  1. Maik Thiele

    Press text from 2008:


    Original Thinking

    Scottsdale, Ariz., March 17, 2008 – Radar™ Group announced today its official public launch, coinciding with the launch of its website,, and the announcement of its first three game projects—Earth No More™, Incarnate™ and Prey 2™. Founded in June 2007, Radar Group co-creates original IP, designed from the ground up, for successful leveraging in game and film markets.

    Original Thinking™ is Radar’s mantra. Making a clean break from games based on licensed intellectual properties (IP) and created using internal development, Radar only works with passionate development teams looking to establish themselves with original IP. Radar believes that independent studios must maintain part ownership of their homegrown IP in order for studios, and the gaming industry as a whole, to thrive financially and creatively in the long-term.

    “We’re something our industry desperately needs,” says Scott Miller, Radar’s Chief Creative Officer. “Radar is teaming up with many of the industry’s top independent studios to help them
    create original IP in which they own a substantial ownership stake. Why is this important? Because in today’s industry it’s nearly impossible, unless you’re Epic or Valve, to create original
    games and not give away full IP ownership to the publisher. Radar believes that creators should share ownership, and all of the long-term benefits that come from that.”

    Headed up by CEO Jim Perkins (Co-founder of FormGen and ARUSH Enter.), Chief Creative Officer Scott Miller (Founder Apogee Software, co-founder 3D Realms, co-founder Gathering of Developers), Executive Creative Director Raphael van Lierop, (former producer at Relic Entertainment; former Creative Director at 3D Realms) and Vice President Strategic Partnerships Dave Adams (co-founder of ARUSH Enter. and former Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for developer/publisher Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment), the Radar team has cumulatively sold over 35 million units worldwide and generated $1.7 Billion in game sales with franchises like Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Unreal, Max Payne, Prey and others.

    In the film space, Radar works with its valued partner, Depth Entertainment. Based in L.A. and helmed by film industry veteran, Depth president Scott Faye, Depth exists to carry out the linear leveraging strategy for many of Radar’s interactive game properties. Faye is currently producing the film adaptation of the award-winning and multi-million selling Max Payne, starring Mark Wahlberg (The Happening, Shooter) and Mila Kunis (That 70’s Show, Family Guy), which is currently in production in conjunction with 20th Century Fox.

    More about the three game projects in development— Earth No More, Incarnate and Prey 2.

    Earth No More
    Earth No More does away with the “lone-hero” shooter archetype, instead focusing on the dynamic between an ensemble cast that must learn to work together to survive the threat of an environmental extinction event. As Will Foster, a DHS chemical weapons specialist, you are among the first to respond to a gas attack on Washington, D.C. However, it soon becomes clear that the gas attack is a cover-up for something much more sinister. Earth No More is currently being developed in close collaboration with Recoil Games and is slated for release on next-gen consoles and PC.

    Incarnate poses the question: Can evil ever die? The re-incarnated souls of history’s most evil people are converging on present-day Chicago. As Thomas Ludlow, you are recruited by a secret organization to hunt down and capture these ‘Incarnates’. But the further you dig into the reasons for their arrival, the more you learn of the true nature of your efforts and your own connection to the events unfolding before you. Stalk your prey in the wide open city, search for them in the dark
    places, and maybe you will survive long enough to solve the mystery of your own past. Can you break the chains of destiny, or will you let them bind you to your doom? Incarnate is currently being developed in collaboration with a yet-to-be-announced studio.

    Prey 2
    The follow up to “Action Game of the Year” (PC Gamer), reprise your role as Tommy, the native warrior who saved Earth from alien invasion in Prey. This time, abandoned and framed for the
    disappearance of his family and girlfriend, Tommy escapes an Earth that no longer wants him for a future that cannot survive without him. Building on the mind-bending portal and gravity-defying gameplay of the original with several innovative new twists, Prey 2 promises to once again take players into a compelling science-fiction world with breathtaking visuals and adrenaline-pumping action gameplay. Prey 2 is currently being developed in cooperation with Human Head studios and slated for Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

    For more information about Radar Group, a full list of Radar’s founders and leaders, and for details and artwork related to current Radar projects, please visit .

    About Radar™ Group
    Radar™ Group is a unique brand management company for original video game properties developed specifically for cross-media leveraging in the video game market and other ancillary media markets, such as film, TV, music and other emerging online markets.

    About Recoil Games
    Recoil was founded in 2006 by ex-Remedy staffer Samuli Syvähuoko with the purpose of creating innovative original IP (intellectual property) action-adventure games for the latest generation of consoles and the PC. A core goal for the company is to push emotional drama and believable narrative forward in games. For more information, visit

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