INCorporated [PC X360 – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

INCorporated [PC X360 – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

INCorporated is a cancelled multiplayer FPS set in a gritty, Orwellian future, that was in development by Galahan Games for PC and (maybe?) Xbox 360. The game was created with Artificial Studios’ Reality Engine and a single-level tech demo was released in 2005, but today we cannot find any info on the team, their official website is vanished and after all these years of we can assume that INCorporated will never be released. Did anyone still have that tech demo saved somewhere?


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16 thoughts on “INCorporated [PC X360 – Tech Demo / Cancelled]

    1. DJSoru

      The link is down. Can you reupload onto another account? I’m making an archive of several games you cannot obtain normally anymore, for situations like these, and I would love to add this tech demo to the archive.

  1. Ogi

    I remember speaking on email with one of the designers of the game years ago(probably 2008)asking him what hapened with the game but at that time he told me that it was abandoned and he was working in another company.I remeber seeing the webpage when it was active but it was haker attaked(i remember that there was a mesage sayng something like this page was haked by (and i dont remember the name))Probably a joke by someone of the team since they werent working on the game.In the reality engine webpage(which later become part of unreal 3 if im not mistaken)you can find some more fotos of the game.I beleve i do have a smow video of some of the animation of the police crab robot and one of the robot soldiers which i downloaded long time ago from their page.Have to look for it really good becouse its been years.And thats all the info i know from this project for you hungry for knowledge people :)
    For more info on the reality engine and its games try looking at the There are some old engines and game info for missing projects like this one.

  2. CloneCommOmar

    I’ve found several pieces of concept art and some parts of the soundtrack – would you be interested in them?

      1. CloneCommOmar

        Alright, so basically this started as a Far Cry mod, then a Half-Life 2 mod, then it became an indie game – and it got cancelled somehow. Does Unseen64 archive cancelled indie games? If not, you should take this down.

        1. CloneCommOmar

          There were two tech demos, one required Far Cry to run (and all links to it are dead) and the one posted here.

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