MySims Social [Cancelled – PC / Facebook]

MySims Social [Cancelled – PC / Facebook]

After the release of MySims Skyheros, EA started to ponder what the next step for the MySims series, a spinoff the sims sims series for children, would go next. EA started development of MySims Social, which was to be released part of the Social series, which also contains The Sims Social and Simcity Social. While The Sims Social and Simcity social released, MySims Social was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Only a few screenshots of this game still exist that show preserves its existence:

flower_shop misc_buildings_01house_interests_01_compiled


It is unknown why it was cancelled, however it would appear that the last screenshot shown is an ingame shot.

Thanks to a user on BeyondSims for the contribution. 

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3 thoughts on “MySims Social [Cancelled – PC / Facebook]

  1. Anonymous Dev

    I was part of the development team at Behaviour Interactive for this game. The last shot was not a render, it was really in game. That was the intended art style but for clarification the game was not ever intended for Facebook. It wasn’t even called “MySims Social”. It was intended for the Nintendo 3DS and was called “MySims Friends”. It used streetpass and other Nintendo connectivity and was essentially an online only game. It was cancelled because EA decided to move The Sims series in a different direction and the entire MySims series was not part of that direction. If you want verification of this, ask Lucy Bradshaw. She was an overseer to this game.

  2. Maik Thiele

    In the fall of 2010, as MySims SkyHeroes was nearing completion, the MySims team began to work on an all-new MySims game. It was going to be much more simulation oriented, like The Sims 3, and feature much more customization options. The game was also planned to have a much “brighter” theme, which is a drastic change from the somewhat darker or more serious MySims games such as Agents and SkyHeroes. It was shelved from production later that year, and the MySims team was dispersed into other Sims teams behind games such as The Sims Medieval and The Sims 3: Showtime. There were various concept images released by former concept artist Xavier Garcia regarding the game.

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