Duel [Sega – Tech Demo]

Duel [Sega – Tech Demo]

Duel is a CG tech demo created by Acclaim in 1994. According to Mean Machines Sega, the British magazine where the first images of the “game” were published, Duel was planned for the 32x, but it’s unlikely that any real development was even started. 32X’s 3D capabilities were, in fact, very poor, and many titles conceived for the ill-fated add-on were later released for Saturn. However, as long as we know, Duel was not one of them.

In the video added below we can see how Duel was actually a CGI tech demo aimed to show Acclaim realistic character animation system using Acclaim’s Optical Motion Capture System.
It’s unclear if a game was ever planned out of it, however the technology was later used in some next-gen games (for example Acclaim’s Advance Technology Group is credited for Alien Trilogy’s full motion videos).
It seems the tech demo was the fruit of a deal between Acclaim and Sega (based on what is written on a italian mag scan).

Here is the original article that appeared on Mega machines Sega 20:

Duel 32x unreleased

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6 thoughts on “Duel [Sega – Tech Demo]

  1. John Doom

    wow this looks interesting! If they planned to use such a 3d graphic, I wonder if they were to use pre-rendered sprites and recorded cutscenes in-game. I don’t see any other way to put so many details on 32x (or even on saturn)!

  2. Ross Sillifant

    My thinking is this was never anything other than 1 of the tech demo’s Acclaim released to the press to showcase the motion-capture technology they’d invested in (another i recal was to showcase motion capture being used on Alien Trilogy, Marine walking along with alien mimicking his moves behind him etc).

    Duel was never intended to be a full blown game.

  3. Wildjaguar7688

    Check out bad influence season 2 episode 9 a color clip of Duel can be seen when Z wright is talking about Acclaims new CGI Tech Demo. It has extra footage that isn’t seen in the b & w video plus its in color!

    Note: You can watch it on archive…

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