Croc: Legend of the gobbos (1997) [Beta / Prototype – PSX / Saturn / PC]

Croc: Legend of the gobbos (1997) [Beta / Prototype – PSX / Saturn / PC]

Croc Legend Of The Gobbos was a platformer game released in 1997 by Defunct game developer, Argonaut Games. Using the BRender engine, which was a state of the art engine capable of powering games released between generations (PS1 and PS2 gens), it took full advantage of the consoles it released on and pushed the game engine to its limits.

Recently, a beta and tech demo was uncovered by a few fans of the game on a now defunct forum, “Croc Fan Forums” , and released to a very few people. A newely formed YouTube channel called Video Game Beta Book, posted videos from both builds that leaked a few weeks ago.

These videos show many things that were changed or cut. In the tech demo, croc appears to be voiced by an entirely different voice actor opposed to His voice actor in Croc and Croc 2. Next, many level designs are different, and some levels are even entirely unseen in the final game. The main island also looks severely different.

The tech demo that leaked was dated November 1996, and appears to be a very early alpha of the game engine, that was likely released to internal testers to test physics.  In the Prototype dated March 1997, it features slightly different animations, has cut levels, and even has something not at all in the final game: Results Screen. The results screen is similar to the ending of levels on the Spyro The Dragon Trilogy games released by Insomniac Games from 1998-2000, where it shows your gems you picked up and score.

Additionally, in the tech demo Croc is more lighter than He appears in the March 1997 Proto and the final game.

Videos of the tech demo and prototype can be seen below:

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3 thoughts on “Croc: Legend of the gobbos (1997) [Beta / Prototype – PSX / Saturn / PC]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    GameSpot news:
    GS: You’ve already developed Red Dog for the Dreamcast. Do you intend to
    develop more for the Dreamcast further into its life? What’s the status of
    Croc 2 for the DC?

    JS: We developed Red Dog for the DC, but we’re not working on any other DC
    games at this time. And no, we do not intend to develop more for the DC, as
    there is little or no publisher interest in doing so. Even the staunch DC
    supporters have stopped. As a developer, we know the machine intimately and
    would love to continue, but without publisher support, the format is doomed.

    Croc 2 isn’t being developed on the DC, sorry. It was canned because there
    was discussion as to how economic it would be to produce a PC port versus a
    new game engine. We are a cross platform company, but we are not developing
    any more Dreamcast games. [The primary reason is] because of how dismally
    the system has done, and particularly how badly our game Red Dog was
    marketed by Sega. We are 100 percent focused on the currently successful
    formats such as the PC, the PS2, and soon, the Xbox and the Dolphin.

    Jez conviently not mentioning poor review scores Red Dog received so delayed whilst recoded and still received poor scores.

    Sega putting demo on official DC magazine cover being interviewed by official DC magazine..Full page ads for game in Official DC magazine. .

    Game being advertised via supplement cards inside DC game cases…

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