Rumble: The Mad Match [GBC – Cancelled]

Rumble: The Mad Match [GBC – Cancelled]

Rumble: The Mad Match is a cancelled fantasy dodge ball game that was in development for the GameBoy Color at Protonic Interactive (also known as Prograph Research) around 2000. The italian team cooked up a game that looks very reminiscent of Neo Geo classic Windjammers only with six (plus one hidden) strange fantasy creatures as players. The goal was to score more points than your opponent by throwing the ball behind him even with the use of special moves.

Here what Massimiliano Calamai, Prograph Research developer at the time,  recalls about the project:

Rumble was designed and completed in a few months in a space of time secondary to the priority projects of Prograph.
Game Boy Color market was already down sharply and we found no publisher interested in publishing; unfortunately at that time you had to have an interesting license or  else paradoxically , even if the product was complete,  it was not worth to be published due to the high cartridge production costs.
The game was never released despite being complete.


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One thought on “Rumble: The Mad Match [GBC – Cancelled]

  1. Maik


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    ” In a cartoon world, six weird and incredible characters, coming from the most various zones of this alternative universe, will be involved in a fantastic tournament. Victory grants eternal glory!!!

    The subject of the game is the most famous sport of this strange place: a mixture of handball and tennis.
    What will happen?
    Who is hidden under this sport?!

    A huge amount of speed, adrenalin and a bit of funny rules, mixed with animated sequences, brilliant graphics and mysterious plot, will make hard and funny our climb to victory of the RUMBLE TOURNAMENT ”

    tHe gAmE
    ” Two characters will challenge in beautifully coloured play grounds, placed in different zones of their world. Everyone will be placed in its own half of the field.
    Quick and powerful ball shots, together with special moves, will cross the screen trying to step over the opponent to score in the opposite goal.
    Scoring a goal will provide points.
    The game is won by the one who scores more points in a determined time. ”

    iN-dEpTh DeTaIlS
    ” The game is one versus one: with only the two characters on the screen.
    The play field is viewed by top and is all Gameboy screen wide. At the borders there are the two goals which visible by horizontal scroll.
    The characters are placed one in front of the other, each one in its play area.
    At the back of each there is a goal, an area subdivided in segments. Each segment depending of the height represents a different amount of points provided in the case of a score in that place. The concept of assigning the points is as follows: the wider the segment, the simpler to score, and so the points are less. And vice versa.
    Each field has different characteristics by aspect and by height of the goal segments. This enables a different way of assigning the point from field to field. In this way the arcade offers more strategic components in each game.
    Another method to score points is to launch the ball in such a way the opponent can not reach it before it hits the ground ( a lob ). Attention should be made also to not throw the ball outside of the play field! In that case the opponent will score a point!
    The ball can be launched with two different methods, and can be directed in various ways:
    – fast shot at a medium height.
    – lob higher than characters, which can only be caught when at character height.
    The ball during the fly can bounce on the higher and lower sides of the field, so varying its trajectory it is more difficult to catch.
    Every character also has special moves to throw the ball in strange trajectories together with special visual effects.”

    Agatha (Hidden CharacTer)

    TeChNiCaL dAtA

    – Extremely good playability, mixed with high play speed;
    – Easy and immediate to play, with a very intuitive control system;
    – Multiplayer games (head to head) with cable link;
    – Six selectable characters plus a final one, completely different by playing characteristics: speed and power;
    – Incredible special moves, different for each character;
    – Different balls in game: standard ball, boomerang, acid ball…
    – Various play fields, different in setting and in goals, completely animated;
    – In each field there are different obstacles, which can vary the trajectory of the ball…
    – Incredible amount of options to completely configure the game;
    – Dozens of colors on the screen, never seen on Game Boy Color;
    – Many sound effects and funny musics during the game;
    – Fully animated intro, ending scene and middle-game cut-scenes.

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