Jeff’s Shoot’Em Up [SNES – Tech Demo]

Jeff’s Shoot’Em Up [SNES – Tech Demo]

This “Jeff’s Shoot’Em Up” is a tech demo for a top-down shooter in the same vein as Smash TV or Alien Breed, that was developed by Iguana Entertainment (Aero the Acrobat and Turok) to test the SNES capabilities. The demo was titled “Jeff’s shoot’em up” probably after Jeff Spangenberg, Iguana (and later Retro Studios) founder. In this prototype enemies can’t harm the main character,every path lead to a dead end and sound is absent. Also in the introduction the spaceship that is zoomed in/out and rotated don’t appear correctly.

This demo was made available by the nice guys at Nintendoplayer. For a more detailed description please read their article:


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One thought on “Jeff’s Shoot’Em Up [SNES – Tech Demo]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    In case anyone is wondering how Smash TV itself avoided chronic slowdown on the SNES despite the slow CPU..

    From the coder himself:The 65816 in the SNES is a lot faster than the clock speed suggests, you
    just have to know how to program it. :-)
    Also, Smash TV is the kind of game where you don’t have to worry about swapping
    stuff in and out of VRAM like no tomorrow, makes programming the game logic mush easier.

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