Ultima Reborn [DS – Cancelled]

Ultima Reborn [DS – Cancelled]

Ultima Reborn was a title planned to be released in 2008 for the DS by Electronic Arts, and was in development at their Montreal branch for some time. As its name implies, it is an Ultima title, slated to be a remake of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.

Unlike previous Ultima games, which used a top-down view, this remake would have featured a side-on perspective, similar to games such as Street Fighter and Final Fight. The concept art available has had mixed reactions, with some fans feeling that the game appeared to stray too far from its Ultima roots, and others praising the new visual and artistic style, as well as the scantily-clad women.


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3 thoughts on “Ultima Reborn [DS – Cancelled]

  1. John Doom

    And so (after Pagan, Ascension, UltimaX and UltimaWorldsOnline) EA ruined another Ultima game…
    By the way, I remember reading that, to Garriott (author of the franchise), Ultima IV is the best game in the serie (because of the virtue system). Maybe that’s why he wanted to remake it. A reboot of his franchise, a new deal if you understand that Ultima never saw a new game from 1999.

  2. Will

    This seemed to have promise but it was canned. The women should have worn more clothes but usually when it comes to games usually men are involved and they usually do that. Not that women might not do the same thing, but it is less likely. I am not glad that they cancelled it.

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