Jason [PS2 XBOX – Concept / Cancelled]

Jason [PS2 XBOX – Concept / Cancelled]

Jason was one of many game concepts done at French studio Darkworks in the early 2000s, plannet to be developed for the Playstation 2 and Xbox. There are not many info available on the project, but that it should have been set in a sort of Norse mythology, with viking boats, warriors and demons to fight. However, the title never entered in production as no publisher was found. Instead, work on Time Crisis Adventure was started, a project that seems to have been later evolved into Cold Fear, Darkworks’ survival horror that was released in  2005 for Playstation 2, Xbox and PC. Sadly only few artworks remain to preserve this game, archived in the gallery below.

Thanks to Dawok for the contribution!

Concept Art:

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One thought on “Jason [PS2 XBOX – Concept / Cancelled]

  1. Klumpenbrigade

    The concept art shows ancient greek ships and mythology and the name Jason is probably from “Jason and the Argonauts”.
    Got a little mixed up with the cultures? :D

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