Star Wars: Battlefront [Beta – Xbox / PS2 / PC]

Star Wars: Battlefront [Beta – Xbox / PS2 / PC]

Star Wars: Battlefront is an action game developed by Pandemic Studios and LucasArts, and released on September 2004 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. Development for Star Wars Battlefront began at Pandemic Studios in 2002. Greg Burrod, executive producer on Battlefront stated “We wanted to create an online shooter title for the Xbox, PS2, and PC which would allow for team strategy and would feature battles and worlds from every one of the six Star Wars films.”

A beta version of Battlefront was released as an extras DVD for one of the trilogy sets. It’s quite interesting and has a lot of ideas that were not in the final version. The build date is February 03 2004, 8 months before the final version was released. Also, the HUD was different and the graphic was still unfinished.

Stranno posted a video and some comparison-screens between the beta and the final version on the Assembler Games Forum!


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2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Battlefront [Beta – Xbox / PS2 / PC]

  1. John Doom

    Actually, now i remember something: before buying the full game, I played Battlefront for ps2 from a demo disc.
    It’s from “Playstation 2 Magazine Ufficiale Italia”, “SCED53946”. It featured the battle of Endor and the mission was to destroy the shield generator. In the retail version, the mission was just to win the battle.
    Graphics was the same of the retail version, but the rebel sniper could use a disguise to look like a stormtrooper.
    I don’t play it from a LOOONG time lol, so I’ll check it out again to let you know more.

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