Robocop & Gen 13 PSX protos are leaked and preserved

Robocop & Gen 13 PSX protos are leaked and preserved

Our friends at Games That Weren’t were able to find and share a couple of interesting protos, that were seen some years ago in the Playstation Museum: Robocop and Gen 13. You can download the proto at Games That Weren’t website, to “play” them in your favourite PSX emu. These are just very early protos so there is not much to see, but they are a nice piece of unseen gaming history. Let us know if you find something more in their codes!

The Robocop file is a simple tech demo where you can control Robocop walking around a single mostly wall-less warehouse. Pillars and boxes provide some sparse decoration and while it’s 3D nothing is ‘solid’, allowing you to walk through the walls and objects.

Gen 13; The Realtime Associate’s version is the most simple, but Playstation Museum caveat this by pointing out it was done in a single week, which makes it quite impressive. It’s a fully 3D rendering of the heroine of the game and you can walk her forwards and backwards from multiple camera angles.

Thanks to Unclejun for the help to convert these files in a playable form!


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