Omega Boost (Red Plasma) [PSX – Target Render]

Omega Boost (Red Plasma) [PSX – Target Render]

Red Plasma was a shooting game with robots that was in development by Sony Computer Entertainment for the original Playstation. A single screenshot, probably from a target render or a tech demo, was found by Celine on Console Plus magazine #34.

Lost Level’s user Deadguy2322 has identified how the mech design is very akin to Polyphony Digital’s Omega Boost released on Playstation four years after that initial target render was shown.


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5 thoughts on “Omega Boost (Red Plasma) [PSX – Target Render]

  1. GW

    Hmmm. I actually HAVE an Omega Boost demo (two, actually) from 1996 or 1997 (VERY early WIP builds) from some Japanese PS demo discs. They’re interesting to play, but I have NO clue how to get them on film save to record the video as someone else plays them (or vice versa)…

    1. monokoma Post author

      Are you able to play them with a PC emulator? Then you could record the footage from your PC! Or maybe try to rip the demo from the CDs :O Those would be really interesting :D

  2. geelw

    Took me a while (because I got TOO busy and yeah, I forgot!), but I have some screenshots for you:

    Once I figure out how to make a movie while playing, I’ll post one on YouTube. There are a total of THREE Omega Boost demos. Two with these older visuals (from 1995 and 1996) and the third with the final version of the game as it looked when it went to retail. The first two demos have three different viewpoints (first-person, cockpit and third person), simpler gameplay (with 360 degrees of movement and a very speedy frame rate) and visuals that are as you can see, vastly different from the finished retail version.

    There’s DEFINITELY a story here in how the game evolved from the early build to the final game – someone needs to dig that up one day!

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