Grabbed by The Ghoulies [Beta – Xbox]

Grabbed by The Ghoulies [Beta – Xbox]

Grabbed by The Ghoulies is an action game that was developed by Rare and released for the original Xbox in 2003. As we can read on Wikipedia, before any details of the game were publicised, it was widely considered that Grabbed by the Ghoulies would be the subtitle to the next Conker the Squirrel game, after Conker’s Bad Fur Day. The game was originally intended to be a much larger in scope open-world platformer but due to the Microsoft buyout in 2002 and time constraints a simpler design and concept was adopted.

Grabbed by The Ghoulies was initially going to be released on the Nintendo GameCube and in the final Xbox game you can unlock a trailer from E3 2001, that should show the project when it was still on the Nintendo console (you can find it below). Thanks to Rareware Archives we can see many concept arts and beta screens, that show early designes of the characters, unused enemies and other interesting differences. As we can read in their description for the Grabbed by The Ghoulies beta 2001 video:

A lot has certainly changed from the game we’re familiar with, as the video includes a few cut enemies mucking about, early working models for the Zombie Ghoulies and Coopers girlfriend Amber and a surprise from Gweneth, the sneering Ghouly at the end, who was ultimately cut as well.



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2 thoughts on “Grabbed by The Ghoulies [Beta – Xbox]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Gregg Mayles said the game was originally very much a game for the GameCube and the Nintendo market and when it moved to Xbox, they tried to react to the very different market and achieved some of what they wanted, but could of taken a lot more steps to make the game fit in-line with what the Xbox market was at that time, if they’d had more time to develop the game.

  2. Unseen64Fan

    A Grabbed By The Ghoulies Demo Build was found buy a XBOX original Project Gotham Racing 2 copy on that system and you will notice some differences not find in the final build I hope you enjoyed this.

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