The Big Comfy Couch [XBOX – Cancelled]

The Big Comfy Couch [XBOX – Cancelled]

Today’s article will be very short, as it is about an unreleased game for the Xbox that, for whatever reason, doesn’t appear to have been documented at all. Considering its subject, this isn’t entirely surprising. Maybe the developers decided it was better that no traces of this game were ever made public!

The game is called The Big Comfy Couch, and was based on the Canadian childrens’ TV show of the same name. The show, featuring Loonette the Clown and her doll, Molly, is all about teaching ethical, and educational, lessons. The two characters solve a different everyday issue in each episode, on their Big Comfy Couch.

Although almost no information can be found on this game (even other main games journalism sites don’t have it listed), we can assume that it would have followed a similar plot to the TV show, tasking children with the solving of various dilemmas. Here at Unseen 64, we have been lucky enough to have three pre-release screenshots of the game shared with us by one of the developers of the game, and these provide some insight into the game’s interface and style. They show that it was a 3D platformer game, with a vibrant game environment and a few different meters visible to the player. One of these was, presumably, health, as one of the screenshots shows a fight between Loonette and several over-sized dustbunnies (perhaps trying to intimidate the key demographic into cleaning up after themselves?).

The picture of the original title screen shows that multiple systems could be linked up, perhaps allowing co-operative or competitive multiplayer modes. With goals like “Pop all the balloons and pinatas!” (visible in one of the screenshots), one can imagine what a blast that could have been.

It is unknown how close this game was to completion, although “not very” is the assumption, due to the lack of information on the game.

Check The Lost Media Wiki’s research topic for more details!



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