Vanquish [X360 PS3 – Beta]

Vanquish [X360 PS3 – Beta]

Vanquish is a third-person shooter created by Platinum Games for the Ps3/Xbox 360 that was released in 2010. In his blog , Shinji Mikami made some posts with many info about the development of the game:

  • Vanquish was originally a more open-ended game: we had to search and destroy enemy bases.
  • In the beginning there was much more emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, because Mikami wanted to reproduce the fighting scenes of the anime Casshern.
  • Sam’s suit was supposed to be empty and alternately controlled from distance by three pilots.  One of them had the ability to fly, while the other two were specialized respectively in shooting and melee combat.
  • The main character could have used a robot dog (see the video below).



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2 thoughts on “Vanquish [X360 PS3 – Beta]

  1. Mystie

    Fun fact: Blade Wolf, Raiden’s robot dog companion in Metal Gear Rising, actually stemmed from the scrapped dog idea in Vanquish.

    The more you know~

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