G [Xbox – Cancelled]

G [Xbox – Cancelled]

G is a cancelled multi-player hover-bike racer for the original Xbox, in development at FASA Studios (Shadowrun, Crimson Skies) from late 2002 till late 2003. It’s possible that the project was canned because they had to switch time and resources to finish Mechassault 2. Sadly only a video remains from G, preserved below to remember the existence of this interesting game.

Thanks to Foward for the contribution!


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4 thoughts on “G [Xbox – Cancelled]

    1. Jay


      This was being made by FASA in America for the Xbox; the studio behind MechAssault, Crimson Skies and Shadowrun 360.

      G-Police was made by Psygnosis in the United Kingdom, a.k.a. Sony Liverpool for the Playstation.

      Completely different studios, platforms, and publishers. “G” here is almost certainly just a codename anyway.

  1. Jay

    I love the looks of this one – it’s so 2000’s. And not in a sad, outdated way. Now in 2021, the idea of “the Future” is lame! It’s just digital ecosystems, mega-corporations, and debt that’s paralyzing younger generations. In 2000 – THE NEW MILLENIUM – of course we would have hover bikes and racing leagues built around them! The sky was the limit!

    I miss games like this. This is certainly reminiscent of many “extreme” future sports games, but I can’t really think of anything with hover sleds like this. Hover vehicles like in Quantum Redshift or Fatal Inertia, sure. The bikes from Extreme G or PowerDrome? That’s closer, but not like these, and neither of those games had stunt systems. I really like the mix of futuristic hover vehicles here and SSX-style stunting here though. You just know this would’ve had a neat licensed soundtrack and would’ve been a great time, y’know?

    I love MechAssault 2, but it’s kind of a shame that FASA never could get this finished imo.

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