Fallout: New Vegas [X360 PS3 PC – Beta/Cut/Debug + DLC]

Fallout: New Vegas [X360 PS3 PC – Beta/Cut/Debug + DLC]

Fallout: New Vegas is an action FPS/RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Before the game was released changes were made to the game near the end of development. Most of what is documented below can be found in promotional screenshots, videos, and developer diaries.

During initial development, Fallout 3 super mutants appeared in the game as placeholders. Possibly until the New Vegas super mutant variant was created. For example; Neil – a friendly super mutant you meet at Black Mountain – originally appeared as a Fallout 3 super mutant in the beta. You can compare what Neil looked like in the beta to what he looks like in the final below this paragraph.


Screenshot of Neil in the final product from: http://www.fallout.wikia.com


Another character that was changed in New Vegas is Mr. House. Mr. House uses a master computer to communicate to the player in the Lucky 38 casino. At the time, Mr. House appeared different on the computer screen in the video: developer diary #4 – factions.

Screenshot of Mr. House in the final product from: www.fallout.wikia.com



The final character that was changed in New Vegas is Sunny Smiles. Sunny wears the same armor in the final like she does in the beta, however her appearance in the game changed somewhat.



The initial build that was showcased at E3 2010 shows the New Vegas Strip without any gates and barriers with significantly more NPC’s. In the final, the Vegas strip was divided into three sections by gates and barriers with significantly less NPC’s. You can see the E3 2010 stage demo of the New Vegas strip below this paragraph.


That’s all the known changes and differences made to the game. There could be more added to this article in the future, but for now, this is all that can be found.



Debug content

Test Map: It’s unknown what the test map looks like, but it’s definitely in the games code.

Debug Pistol: The debug mega pistol uses the same model as the 9mm pistol that the player would commonly find in the game. The debug pistol has a damage of 9999, making it one of strongest weapons in the game. One shot, one kill – when fired at any NPC. This weapon can only be obtained on the PC port using command codes.

The disintegrator: The disintegrator uses the same model as the laser rifle. The weapon has a damage of 1000 per shot. Because of the damage the weapon can cause with one shot, it was cut from the game, and has been classified as a test weapon. This weapon can only be obtained on the PC port using command codes.

Plasma Rifle Always Crit.: The Plasma Rifle Always Crit. uses the same as the plasma rifle. Interesting enough, the weapon acts like a shotgun when fired and it always does critical damage to an NPC. The weapon has been classified as a test weapon and can only be obtained using command codes on the PC.

Plasma Rifle Weak: The plasma rifle weak uses the plasma rifle model and does weak damage to an NPC when fired. This weapon has been classified as a test weapon and can only be obtained using command codes on the PC port.

Test man: Test man is just that – a test NPC. The NPC can give the REPCONN quest to the player when asked. Test Man also has some dialog options!

 “Hi, REPCONN Quest Stuff, have at it!”

“Sure thing buddy.”

“Ok, I’ll add the quest.”

Testacles the Debug centurion: The debug centurion NPC is just a test character in FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS. The debug centurion can alter the player’s reputation with other factions and more! The debug Centurion can only be summoned using command codes on the PC.

Ron the narrator: Ron is a test character that is used to the various ending the player gets in the game. Ron cannot be found anywhere in the Mojave, however he can be found behind the screen/curtain at the end of the game during the end-game slide show. If the player would enter “enableplayercontrols” on the PC, he/she would discover that Ron the narrator is behind the curtain talking about what happened when you sided with that faction and your actions in the Mojave. Ron the narrator cannot be killed during the end game slide show.

Cut Armor:

Vault 24 Jumpsuit: The vault 24 jumpsuit is like any other jumpsuit in the game and provides the same bonus stats like any other Vault Jumpsuit (+2 melee weapon / +2 Speech) . Vault 24 doesn’t appear in New Vegas, However, it’s possible, that a Vault 24 was planned for New Vegas but was cut early in development. Vault 24 and the Vault 24 jumpsuit was cut from the game – the Vault 24 Jumpsuit can only be obtained on the PC version using command codes.

Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit: The armored jumpsuit was cut from the game for unknown reasons and is similar to the armored jumpsuit in Fallout 3. The armored jumpsuit can only be obtained using command codes. Interesting enough, an armored vault 13 jumpsuit was created as a preorder bonus for those who pre-ordered New Vegas from GameStop from EB Games.

Cut enemies:

Gojira: Gojira is an oversized fire gecko that was cut from the game. The creature can only be summoned using command codes.

NCR Sentry Bot: According the New Vegas cut content list on www.fallout.wikia.com – an NCR Sentry Bot was planned for New Vegas. The only thing we know about the Sentry Bot is that it would be with the NCR faction.

Feral ghoul (jumpsuit): The feral ghoul variant wearing a jumpsuit. It’s basically similar to the feral ghouls that wear the NCR armor.

Irradiated roach: It’s just a standard Rad-roach except it has a glowing aurora that surrounds it. If killed you can it’s corpse for some irradiated rad-roach meat, which was also cut from the game as well.

Legion recruit w/ glowing fists: A cut legionary recruit that has glowing fists. Cut for unknown reasons.

Cut characters:

Ranger Chauncey: Chauncey is a ranger NPC character that was cut from Fallout: New Vegas. Ranger Chauncey was originally going to be stationed at Ranger Station Foxtrot.

Marilyn robot: Marilyn is a robot that would have appeared in Mr. House’s penthouse, similar to the Jane robot that the player can sell snow globes too. For one reason or another Marilyn was cut from the game for unknown reasons near completion/release of the game.

Ulysses: Ulysses was a companion in New Vegas but was cut for unknown reasons. He doesn’t appear in the game – only mentioned, not by name – but does appear on one of the collectors deck cards that came with the collector’s edition.
He would later appear as the main antagonist throughout the Fallout New Vegas DLC’s.

(Cut) Other

Sentry Bot Toy and Sentry Bot Toy broken: Both the usable and broken variants of the sentry Bot toy were cut from the game entirely. In appearance, the sentry Bot Toy is just like a normal sentry Bot only smaller in size. The working version of the sentry Bot toy, when active, will follow the player. However the sentry boy toy cannot shoot when enemies are nearby.

Radioactive tumble weed: it’s like a normal tumble weed, except its radioactive and glowing!

Cut Weapons:

Eagle Flag Pole (companion weapon only): The flag pole was cut from the game along with the companion character Ulysses. Ulysses was supposed use the flag pole as a weapon.

Stun grenade: When thrown it will cause fatigue damage to the surrounding enemies. The weapon cannot be spawned using command codes, the stun grenade only exists as a mesh texture which can only be viewed in the G.E.C.K.

Deathclaw gauntlet: Confirmed in official medium, cut for unknown reasons. The schematics that would have allowed the player to construct the gauntlet were cut from the game as well.

Gas grenade: The gas grenade – when thrown – would have produced a plume of smoke. The gas grenade is similar to the smoke grenade from the Fallout 3 add-on, Operation: Anchorage.

L.A.E.R.: a weapon that can be seen, in concept form, in the collector’s edition guide. Confirmed in memory based on what is left of the weapon.

The weapon was later added in the Old World Blues DLC.

Unused weapon Mod’s:

Marksman carbine extended magazine: Currently there no mods are available in the game for this weapon. The mod that was made for the marksman carbine was cut from the game.

10mm Heavy Frame: would have made any 10mm pistol durable.

Hunting rifle stripper clip: Unknown mod for the hunting rifle, cut from the game, mesh accessible using the GECK.

Trail carbine: stock and custom action: two additional mod’s that were meant for the trail carbine, cut from the game entirely.

Service rifle: Bayonet and custom action: Two additional mod’s that were meant for the service rifle, cut from the game for unknown reasons.

Aid (consumable food items)

Nuka Cola Quantum: As seen in Fallout 3, planned for New Vegas, but cut form the game in the end. The drinks stats were adjusted for hardcore mode.

Fruit mentats: Orange/grape/ berry: As seen in Fallout 3, cut from New Vegas. They are mentioned in New Vegas as one of many items’ banned by the legion.

Sweet Role: As seen in Fallout 3, cut from the game, stats adjusted for hardcore mode.

Soruce of the cut armor, weapons, aid, other, NPC’s, and level. visit the link: http://tcrf.net/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=fallout+new+vegas


Dead Money (DLC) Cut Content

Debug Weapon:

The Faderator: Is a weapon used to test the Dead Money DLC. The weapon uses the same model as the gauss rifle and has infinite ammo.

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