Master Slave [XBOX – Cancelled]

Master Slave [XBOX – Cancelled]

Master Slave is a cancelled action RPG (labelled as “a cinema-roleplaying game”) that was in development by Takuyo Kougyo for the original Xbox. As others unlucky Takuyo projects, Master Slave vanished in early development and it was quietly canned without any official explanation from the studio. It’s possible that they never found a publisher interested in the game and the low sales of the Xbox in japan were not of any help. It seems that the player would have took the role of Shishiro Clandart, a man who has lost his memory. With the help of Iris whom you met at a forest, Master Slave’s objective was to recover Shishiro’s lost memory. The battle involved nine different elements, using a unique system (?) to execute special moves.

Master Slave character’s design was created by Satoshi Kuramochi.

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