Ardy Lightfoot [SNES – Beta]

Ardy Lightfoot [SNES – Beta]

Ardy Lightfoot is a platform game developed by ASCII that was released in 1993 for the Super Famicom (Japan) and in 1996 for the Super Nintendo (USA and Europe). It seems that a beta version of the game was somehow leaked online, as we can see many videos from this early version on Youtube. More info on the differences in this beta are available at Flying Omelette!

Ardy’s speech bubbles are differently coloured, and Nina looks different.

The prologue stage is completely empty of stars

The push block gets a new graphic in the final, presumably to indicate it can be pushed and isn’t just scenery.

The beta presents a chest with a bomb, while the final does merely places it next to the wall and requires being moved closer.

The tunnel you fall into requires awkward walking to venture through, while the final makes a little more sense by having you slide through it.

The beta version of Scene 2 is very unfinished and different

Catry has all new sprites, but they’re pretty bad in comparison to the final ones


Videos (Scene 2 beta):

Videos (Scene 2 Final):

Videos (more beta):

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4 thoughts on “Ardy Lightfoot [SNES – Beta]

  1. Yakumo

    I don’t want to sound like a big head but the beta of Ardy Lightfoot (There’s two by the way) has been around longer than the actual full game rom.

  2. bowsersenemy

    ah, i used to love this game as a kid. it used to and still does, have one of the most unique password systems i’ve ever seen.

  3. Flying Omelette

    Just thought I’d mention – you’re using an outdated URL for the source material of this article. My name on this post will link to the correct URL, which contains much more information and more changes than what’s seen in this article. Also, while the site is hosted on my domain, technically it’s Random Hoo Haas that should get the credit, not me. :)

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