Super Mario Land 2 [GB – Beta]

Super Mario Land 2 [GB – Beta]

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo in 1992 for the original Game Boy. It seems that Mario Land 2 changed a lot through its development, as we can notice by a series of beta screnshots found by BigFred in an old magazine. As he wrote in our Forum:

None of these scenes exist in the game in this form. There is no exit shaped like a mushroom. There are also no mushrooms in the jelly (?) stage. The status bar is different and the world map doesn’t match the final release either. Compare to the complete maps on this website:

Also, ace.dark found a different title screen planned for the english version.


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6 thoughts on “Super Mario Land 2 [GB – Beta]

  1. Neo

    Thank you, that was what i searched.

    I remembered the last day that there was a magazine with a screenshot for mario land 2 which never appears in the game (the world map).

    Very interested at all.

      1. Neo

        Sorry for my 8 years later response^^
        Yes i had this magazine as i was a child – so i remembered that i was wondering as i got the game and thought “where are these places ?” :)

  2. Darkhog

    lolzvid, perhaps you have prototype? In most versions the other titlescreen is used, so if you’re having exact same titlescreen as shown in article, you’d probably earn some pretty big bucks (1000+, don’t know exact amount) for selling proto card.

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