Dragon Quest 7 (VII) [PSX – Beta]

Dragon Quest 7 (VII) [PSX – Beta]

Dragon Quest VII (Dragon Warrior 7 in USA) was originally announced for the 64DD in 1996, but one year later the development switched to Playstation and the game was finally released in 2000. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the beta versions of DQ7, but thanks to a video from the V Jump festival in 1998  (check below), uploaded by Carnivol in his YT Channel, we can see that originally Keifer (the blonde character) had a different dress.

Also, in the V Jump 1999 Festival video the monsters (especially their animations), seem to look better than their counterparts in the final version. What do you think?


Compare the beta battles to the final ones (video below @ 3:36)

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Quest 7 (VII) [PSX – Beta]

  1. 108 Stars

    I am not sure if the monsters looked better, I guess they are pretty much the same; it would be easier to tell if we had exactly the same monsters…
    I could imagine they cut some frames out after they put in the horrible CGI-cutscenes because of space restrictions.
    I sure wish a 64DD beta (or rather alpha) would be found. :)

    1. monokoma

      Probably when DQ7 was still planned for the 64DD they were just in initial stage of development, maybe only a design doc was made or even less :P

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