World Rally [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled?]

World Rally [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled?]

World Rally is a racing game that was in development for the Sega Mega CD add-on, but it seems that the project was cancelled before being finished. Apart from a single screenshot found by Rod_Wod in an old magazine, we were not able to find any more info on this game. Could World Rally have been published under a different name?

Thanks to Rod_Wod for the contribution!


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13 thoughts on “World Rally [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled?]

  1. Celine

    Mmmh I think I remember that article and I believe I found out it was released ( but I’m not sure, fuzzy memory ).
    What’s the mag ?

  2. Yakumo

    I remember seeing that article too and can say for sure that the game was never released or heard of again. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that screen shot was taken from Gaelco’s arcade game.

    1. monokoma Post author

      I’ll ask to Rod if he remember from which magazine he scanned that. I though too that this could have been a port of Gaelco’s World Rally, but i dont think that the screen is from the arcade version, as the HUD looks different

  3. sevendead

    Looks kind of similar to a game was on the Genesis by way of the Sega Channel. It was one of the special unreleased games playable via the service. It was later released on the Jaguar as Power Drive Rally.

  4. rod_wod

    Its not power drive cos thats a European game this looks like a Japanese game power drive rally had ports for pc and md i think.but none of them look like this.this kind of game looks like many for the time.maybe its a sega channel game i’m not sure.

    I think the scan came from a copy of mega a uk mag
    most of my mags are british and some american.i only have a few japenese mags from the day i think the japanese magazines are no where near as good as the uk ones .cvg sega magazine mean machines sega are the best for unreleased sega games.

  5. Celine

    The following Mega CD games are announced in the Famicom Tsushin (6/28)
    and MD Fan :
    Ernest Evans — Wolf Team (action)
    Seireishinseiki Fay Area — Wolf Team (RPG)
    Super Gals Panic — KANEKO (strip Qix)
    Tenkashibu — Game Arts
    LUNAR — Game Arts
    Yumi mitkusu — Game Arts
    Shin Hajano hooin — Kookato Studio
    Shubalt shilt (?) — Kookato Studio
    Nostalgia — Shield Wave
    Dark Wizard Sorishi Yamino Matoshi- SEGA
    Seima Tensetsu “3 X 3 Eyes” — SEGA
    Sim Earth — SEGA
    Lies of the Dragon — SEGA
    Crying Dragon — Treco
    Vice II (tentative title) — Treco
    Cosmic Fantasy — Nihon Telenet
    Alsran Senki — Human
    Hooshin engi — Victor ongaku sangyo
    World Rally — Visco
    Detnator Organ — Hot B

  6. Andi

    The mag is MegaTech issue 6 (June 1992), and yes as Celine found it looks like the screenshot is from the arcade game Drift Out by Visco.

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