Cooly Skunk [SNES – Cancelled]

Cooly Skunk [SNES – Cancelled]

Cooly Skunk (also known as “Punky Skunk” in USA) is a platform game that was originally in development by Visit for the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo. The game was never released for the Nintendo console, but the title was somehow resurrected (by Ukiyotei?) with some graphical changes for the Playstation and later published in Japan by Visit and in America by Jaleco.

In Cooly Skunk the player takes the role of an anthropomorphic skunk and the game plays much like other side-scrolling action games, featuring a set of special tools including a skunk spray, parasail, a pogo stick, inline skates, digging claws, and a snowboard.

The project was probably canned for the 16 bit system because of  the new Playstation and Saturn consoles, that “killed” the SNES / Mega Drive (Genesis) market. Although released for the Playstation, it seems that the game was “not finished to completion” (at least from what we can read on Wikipedia, does anyone know more about this?). Cooly Skunk remains a collectors curiosity due to the generally unfinished nature of the game and its Super Famicom origins.

Celine was able to find some screenshots of the Super Famicom / Super Nintendo version on Super Power magazine issue 41. A playable demo was found and released online in January 2019!



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