Denjin Makai [SNES – Not Cancelled?]

Denjin Makai [SNES – Not Cancelled?]

Denjin Makai is a series of beat ’em up developed by Banpresto and released for the Arcade from 1993 to 1995.  A Super Famicom / Super Nintendo version was planned too, but it seems that it was never released. It’s currently unknown if the SNES Denjin Makai was going to be a new game or a port of the first chapter already released in arcades.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! (Scans from Super Power magazine issues #20 and #22)

Update: Celine later found out that this game was indeed released in japan under a different name:  Ghost Chaser Densei.


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4 thoughts on “Denjin Makai [SNES – Not Cancelled?]

  1. monokoma Post author

    well, it happens :) It’s not easy to find if a game was really released when you only have a translated japanese title from an old magazine :P Thanks for the update Celine! I fixed the post :)

  2. Yakumo

    The game was released by Zamusu in Japan and I believe they even ported it to the SFC due to the sound engine used. It is very close to Zamusu’s excelent Macross shooter.

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