Saint Row 2 [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

Saint Row 2 [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

Saints Row 2 is a sandbox / action game game developed by Volition Inc and published by THQ for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. James Tsai,  SR2’s Lead Designer, in and interview with IGN revealed that some content had to be removed from the game before it was published:

JT: In the early stages of development we had some really crass stuff in the game, the kind of things that put you in that weird place where you’re laughing and squirming uncomfortably with guilt at the same time. One prototype had you driving a truck full of smuggled underage foreign prostitutes across the city while rival pimps rammed into you, knocking the girls out and cutting into your human trafficking profits. Another had you using a high pressure fire hose to wash homeless people off the street and into the gutter. Not exactly Nobel Prize material.

There was a lot of stuff we had in that didn’t register very high on the human decency scale, so we dialed some things back. For instance we changed the gender of the first character you encounter, since beating a female doctor to death with an IV stand wasn’t the impression we wanted to leave with the very first player action in the game. Instead, we have you beat a male doctor to death with an IV stand, to ease you into the killing.

From the early screens we can also notice various beta differences:

  • You can not customize characters in youe crib in the final
  • There was a different looking crib
  • Hideout has a different appearance
  • A pic shows  a cutscene that was removed


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6 thoughts on “Saint Row 2 [X360/PS3/PC – Beta]

  1. ccrogers15

    Just so you know, users on forums found out what the 4th screen is. Its from a cut mission after the mission that you kill Matt after he saves Maero. What happens is, the protagonist brings Matts body to the hideout in this mission and shaundi suggests that you search his body, then the protagonist sarcastically says: “Wonder how big it is?”. After that he gets Matts wallet and sees some info that shows where Donnie lives. After this, you go kill donnie by driving him to a car crusher and getting him and his car crushed in revenge for him driving Maero away. Then, the mission is over. it was called “Last Car Fixed”. The audio is still available in the game files.

    1. Ethan J. Blair


      wow really that is pretty dark first donnie loses the love of his life then the boss would have killed him later..? damnn do you have any link for the audio files I would like to hear them if you could provide a download link..

      1. Ccrogers15

        I’m sorry I don’t have a way to find that information anymore it’s been almost ten years since I read that and most of the old saints row forums have been nuked/wiped since then. A good person to ask would be current community manager for Volition on Twitter. Her handle is @DeadlySteph.
        She has been around with volition for years so she might know something or someone who could elaborate more.

        1. Matthew

          Wow if all of that is true then that is fucking dark and I am kinda glad it was cut as I don’t think Donnie deserved that type of death if I’m being honest. The funny thing about that unused scene though is that it’s still technically used in-game but was repurposed for the Ultor missions as one of the Ultor missions has the Boss looking at a dead Ultor Masako on the floor and picking his badge up and the scene looks exactly the same except it’s not Matt on the floor and the mission is of course completely different and not related to the Brotherhood at all.

  2. Sam

    Hi! I’m a guy who used to work on the Gentlemen of the Row mod for Saints Row 2 on PC.

    Me and the other modders all found references to two activities that did not appear in the game; Piracy (like drug trafficking but at sea), and Guardian Angel (we aren’t sure but we assume it’s like Guardian Angel in SR3).

    If anyone is interested I can get the files and such that refer to these activities.

    1. Ethan J. Blair

      do you know if there exist audio from a cut mission of the boss aka mikey the player searching matts body or anything that refers to a cut mission called last car fixed..?

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