Metal Gear Solid [ – Cancelled]

Metal Gear Solid [ – Cancelled]

Before being cancelled, a version of Metal Gear Solid was in development for the ill-fated, a portable console released by Tiger Electronics in 1997. It seems that the game was going to be a port of Metal Gear Solid PSX, but there are just few info on the project. At one point, a gameplay video of this game was distributed among group members of the now-defunct America Online account “TigerGcom”, but sadly this footage seems to have been lost forever.

After many researches, Celine was able to find a screenshot of Metal Gear Solid in Console Plus magazine issue #90! On the 22 January 2010, Parasyte posted some more screens in the Lost Levels Forum.


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7 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid [ – Cancelled]

  1. Danielle

    I have a strange fondness for the’s “beep boop” music, so hearing some of the Metal Gear Solid music rendered in that style would be my jam, considering I love the soundtrack to Sonic Jam on the
    Also, Solid Snake’s bitcrushed voice would be the source of 50% of my gamergasms (orgasms I have because of a video game).

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