Future Strike (Future Cop LAPD) [PSX – Beta]

Future Strike (Future Cop LAPD) [PSX – Beta]

Thanks to DCodes7, we found out some interesting info about the development of Future Cop LAPD, a Playstation shooter that started as a new chapter in the “Strike” series. From 1991 – 1997 The strike series has been about Open world mid-air helicopter combat, developed by EA (Electronic Arts).

Nuclear Strike -released in 1997- was to be the last game to be released in the Strike series, but originally the developers who worked on the project were going to make another strike game called Future Strike. Apparently the game was going to be released in 1998; one year after Nuclear Strike’s Release.

When Nuclear Strike was released on the Playstation, a “Future Strike” trailer was hidden in the game. To view the trailer you have to play and beat all the game’s missions or use a cheat code.


There is more to Future Strike, in some of the cut scenes in Nuclear Strike. The in game FMV’s mention Strike Warrior – the Mech unit seen in the Future Strike Trailer – saying how the Mech unit is fully functional. Basically laying the groundwork for the next game (Future Strike) and continue the story from where Nuclear Strike left off.

In January 1998 Electronic Arts told to Gamespot that the game formerly known as “Future Strike” would no longer be part of the company’s Strike line. The project evolved into a new IP and was later released as Future Cop LAPD.

Sadly there are not many info on the differences between Future Strike and Future Cop, but the mech used by the player looks almost the same in the 2 titles.


There are however some beta differences in an early demo of Future Cop, that was published in Playstation Magazine. Thanks to Razer114’s Youtube Channel we can see some of these differences:

  • Different Intro. (The intro was for the Demo only and was probably never meant to be in the actual game.)
  • There are no police cars in the first level of the final retail product, unlike the PSX Demo where you see the police cars at the very beginning.
  • In the demo you have to clear the parking lot of enemies so the Medavac can land. In the final retail version, the Medavac is not seen let alone mentioned in the first level. (Griffith Park)
  • The dreadnaught in the demo – an oversized Tank – is replaced with a barricade and gun turret in front of the barricade in the final version.
  • “Police reload stations” in the game’s level have been moved and relocated to other areas.
  • In the Demo, when destroyed, the cooling tower and the pipes connecting to it will explode, which reveals a new path through the level. Of course the destruction of the pipes does not happen as long as it does in the Demo than in the final retail version. A new path that is revealed is different than the path that you go through in the PSX Demo.
  • It seems that the first level (Griffith Park) has been extended some and more objectives has been added in the final retail product.
  • The Precinct Assault intro video in the PSX demo is somewhat similar, but different in the final.
  • Different loading screens, in the final product each level has its own individual loading screen, unlike the BETA where the loading screen has a green computer like background.

The HUD is also different:


Thanks a lot to DCodes7 for the contribution!


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One thought on “Future Strike (Future Cop LAPD) [PSX – Beta]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Concept for Future Strike actually started on the Mega Drive/Genesis but only a script for it exists from 1995.

    It was going to be a swansong game for the 16 Bit console and team planned to use rendered graphics as these were all the rage thanks to SNES DKC, but due to market differences (16 Bit consoles dying off in UK/Japan as interest moved towards emerging 32 Bit hardware, yet still strong enough demmand for 16 Bit console games in USA), Future Strike was put on hold.

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