Another cancelled Saturn game to be leaked soon?

Another cancelled Saturn game to be leaked soon?


As some of you probably known already, those lovely gamers at Sega Saturno were able to preserve and release various cancelled titles for the Sega consoles (X-Men 32X, Virtual Hamster, Lobo…) in the last few months. Almost two months after their last release, SEGASaturno in cooperation with Hidden Palace, are back again presenting a prototype of an unreleased Saturn game, ready to be released as soon as the required public donations are met.

The title of the soon-to-be-leaked game is currently unknown, but we’ll learn more about it when they will be able to reach the target amount of 550$. They have already opened a topic on the Hidden Palace Forum with some more info on this new proto-fundraising:

-Well, which company is this coming from? Any tip about it?
-It’s from a famous company. In fact, it’s one of the best and most well known videogame companies.

-Is this already available in some other console or system?
-It’s a totally unreleased game, not available in any other platform. Therefore, it’s a never-seen-before game.

-Why donating for a game I don’t know which one it is until the required quantity is met?
-Because you already know it is an unreleased game for the Sega Saturn, something that is not easy to obtain. I bet there’s an interest in making something like this available to everyone.

-Is the game complete?
-No, it’s an early prototype. This is not in its final development stages for sure.

If you want to help to preserve this unseen game,  donations have to be sent to [email protected], stating SATURN in the description so they can know for sure the funds are oriented to this release.  You can also donate through the PayPal addressed field in the Hidden Palace Contribute section:

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