RazorWing [PSX – Cancelled]

RazorWing [PSX – Cancelled]

As we can read in the official N-Space Company Bio, RazorWing is a cancelled action game / flying shooter that was in development for the original PlayStation in 1995 and it was going to be published by SCEA. This was n-Space’s initial project and a “1st playable” was shown in Sony’s booth at E3 95 to favorable previews, although the project was later terminated three months short of completion. RaxorWing featured technologies that are being hailed as innovations today. These included high-res mode, streaming gaming areas from CD, and writing directly to the PlayStation graphics chips. Probably the game was cancelled because it was too similar to Warhawk, another flying shooter published by Sony the same year.

Not much remains from the project, but Celine was able to find some screens published in Game Pro #71

Thanks a lot to Celine for the contribution! In July 2017 a playable prototype of the game was found by users of Assembler Games, you can see a video below!



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One thought on “RazorWing [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    A quote from the developer:

    It has been brought to our attention that we were quoted as saying
    that the PlayStation out-performs SEGAs Model-2.  I would like your
    help in clearing the air about it as some of our friends at Lock-Mart
    have taken offence at it.

    The PlayStation in our opinion is every bit as powerful as the SEGA
    Model-2 board, but in different ways.  If you are talking about
    nothing but polygon power, I would have to say that the SEGA Model-2
    board is the winner.  In Desert Tank at times we are pushing 12,000
    monochrome texture mapped polys per frame at 30hz out there
    (In the final stage of Canyon by the missile.)  Lock-Mart are by far
    the leaders in real-time 3d hardware, and the Model-2 is an excelent

    Now lets look at the PlayStation.  Our old team member at Lock-Mart
    is correct when he says that the PlayStation cant do 1/10th of the
    polygons of the Model-2.  It can do about 1/2 or as we will do in
    Razor Wing about 6000 COLOR texture mapped polygons per frame at
    30hz.  (For you doing the math 1/10th would have only been 1200

    Our old team member at Lock-Mart said that you couldn’t compare the
    two.  Well, here is a comparison chart that lead us to make the claim
    that we could do Desert Tank (Model-2) on the PlayStation.
                              DesertTank                RazorWing

    Polygons @30hz            12,000                    6,000
    Texture                   4-Bit Monochrome          4-Bit Color
    Color Fog                 NO                        YES
    Color Lighting            NO                        YES
    RealTime Poly Distortion  NO                        YES
    Levels of Priority        2                         4
    Mip-mapped Texture        YES                       NO

    So as you can see the Model-2 beats the hell out of the PSX on raw
    polygon count, but the PlayStation allows our artists to over come
    these polygon limitations by having color texture, color fog, and color

    I suppose you would like us to pick a winner between the two
    machines.  That really is not possible to do.  Our team loves the
    Model-2 and thinks that until the SEGA/Lock-Mart alliance produces
    another product, it will be the king of the arcade.  No one is better
    than Lock-Mart for 3d technology.  n-Space would love to do work on
    the Model-2 again.

    As far as the home market goes, I will stand by my statement on the
    power of the PlayStation.  We could do a good Desert Tank on it, and
    nothing the Saturn has on it has shown us that it could.  SONY has
    compensated for the lower polygon counts than the Model-2 with many
    weapons.  We formed our company to work on games that show our
    strengths, not to struggle with getting Model-2 performance out of a
    box with no hope.  That is why we chose the PlayStation to start on.  
    We look forward to see what 3DO and Nintendo have to offer, and if we
    can do our craft there, we will.
    Erick S. Dyke —
    President n-Space, Inc  — A First Party SONY PSX developer.
    “Everything beyond 3-Space is n-Space…”

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