Devil May Cry 4 [PS3/X360 – Beta]

Devil May Cry 4 [PS3/X360 – Beta]

It seems that Capcom developers had something very different in their minds about DMC4. A teaser trailer was shown at E³ 2005, depicting Dante traveling through snow, and then quickly performing some fast, stylish moves. The second trailer was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 where it showed a more rugged and older Dante in a city-like setting performing more stylish moves at the camera while using more of the PlayStation 3’s graphical power. While both were just teasers, showing very little detail of the game itself, the Tokyo Game Show 2006 trailer, shown on September 20, 2006, displayed a more accurate reflection of what is expected to be present with the release of the final product. On September 22, 2006, the Tokyo Game Show trailer was posted on the official Devil May Cry 4 website. Until then, only off-screen, low quality versions of the trailer were available.:

E3 2005:

TGS 2005:

TGS 2006:

Dante from E3 2005:


Dante from TGS 2005:


Final Dante:

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4 thoughts on “Devil May Cry 4 [PS3/X360 – Beta]

  1. justin

    I personally hate the final dmc 4 with emo Nero , super rainbow colorful world and dumb story . The Tgs Dante looks perfect for a grainier dmc style like dmc3 . It shouldve been a deeper , darker and creepier story , with Dante struggling even and realising his opponent is really really not a joke . the fights should be epic instead of hordes of demons and just slaying . More sub bosses more end bosses more blood more gore less one liners that was more for the young Dante .I have tons of better idea s then the guy who made dmc 4 as it is .

  2. Grahamx227

    Despite the age of these comments, I don’t get them. DMC4 had varied, beautiful environments (minus the repetition in the second half) and Nero acted VERY similar to DMC1 Dante, with the latters appearance retconned to be a bit more like 3’s.

    I would have indeed liked it creepier and the story a bit more thorough though, but if we had stuff from the more recent interviews and stuff from the artbook, one would know it’s because half the game was lost due to Capcom rushing it out half complete.

    DMC4 was meant to be a much more comprehensive game.

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