Brute Force [XBOX – Beta / Prototype]

Brute Force [XBOX – Beta / Prototype]

Brute Force is a third person shooter released for the Xbox in 2003. It was developed by Digital Anvil, one of Microsoft’s internal developers. The team had previously worked on games such as Wing Commander, Strike Commander, and Starlancer. Brute Force was designed to be a first-party game for the Xbox and begun in 1999 / 2000, before the console had launched. However development had begun before the takeover of Digital Anvil by Microsoft, and the title was originally meant for PC. Microsoft promptly turned it into an Xbox exclusive title.  Only three months were spent on the concept stage of development, but would spend the next two years on the prototype cycle of development. Brute Force has the distinction of being the last game developed by Digital Anvil, as the studio was closed down officially on January 31, 2006. The staff was integrated in to Microsoft Games Studio in Redmond. [Infos from Wikipedia]

In the video below we can see a comparison between the final character design and some of the early prototypes.


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2 thoughts on “Brute Force [XBOX – Beta / Prototype]

  1. coppcole

    i cant belive this wasnt made the first one is probarly the best game on xbox ive ever played which even beats halo not the 3rd halo like but still its the best game ive ever played because you can go invisible call airstrikes proper decent game ive been waitng for the second one for ages gutted:(

  2. henry gonzalez

    man this is a major disappointment…brute force was the best game i had ever played i have been waiting for it to be brough back as a sequel or even remade to match the graphics and technology of today. again, this was one of my favorite games and i dont have alot of those, i seriously think this game was under rated…i wish they made a part 2…it would have more than likely been the most amazing shizz ever :]

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