Record of the Elf Saga [Playstation – Cancelled]

Record of the Elf Saga [Playstation – Cancelled]

Elf Saga was a side scroller action game that was in development at Kaiko for the original Playstation. It seems that the project started as an Amiga title, but it was later ported to the PSX. Elf Saga was cancelled by its publisher (Software 2000) after almost 2 years of work.

Thanks to Celine, HDaudioCoYotE and Roberth Martinez for the contribution!


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6 thoughts on “Record of the Elf Saga [Playstation – Cancelled]

    1. Roberth Martinez

      I was amazed when i looked at the article when i saw that when i was looking for articles in old magazines (of which i have a TON if you guys are interested :-) ). It was heartbreaking to know it was not released :-(

      1. monokoma Post author

        If you notice more lost games in those old magazines let us know! Especially if there is not already a page about them in our site :)

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