Highlander: The Gathering [PC – Cancelled]

Highlander: The Gathering [PC – Cancelled]

Highlander Online (The Gathering) was a MMORPG that was in development by Kalisto Entertainment in 2001 / 2002, before the company was closed down. It was based on the series of films with the same name, but the project was probably cancelled in early development. A new Highlander game is coming out in 2010 for the PS3 and XBOX 360, but it’s not related to this unreleased MMORPG.

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4 thoughts on “Highlander: The Gathering [PC – Cancelled]

  1. matt

    To be honest it wouldn’t surprise me if the new Highlander game has been cancelled aswell. I remember Eidos cancelling like 24 projects or something but they never said what.

    Since then Highlander has seemed to disappear from the radar so I don’t think it’s looking very good. Plus after the last film the Highlander IP isn’t worth much of anything anymore.

  2. fishinsoup

    Thanks for putting this. I don’t know if there will be any gameplay screens or vids avaible for this unknown and forgotten MMORPG but I was reading in Wikipedia that this game after years of work was cancelled in pre-production. But I am pretty sure that the new game will be released because the remake for the first movie will be released in 2010 and I think Eidos are going for that release date.

  3. martyboy

    now in 2020 still no Highlander game or remake of that beautiful film franchisee from the the exception of Highlander 2 and the source it seems like its all been forgotten about
    hopefully a game company or a gathering :) of fans will make make a game of Highlander hopefully.

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