Sonic Saturn [Cancelled Prototype]

Sonic Saturn [Cancelled Prototype]

Known simply as “Sonic Saturn“, it was another project that was in development in 1995 / 1996 by Sega Technical Institute (STI) along with Sonic X-treme. This prototype was created by Peter Morawiec, the coder of the Sonic 2 special stages, with an interesting 3D Engine that was more “realistic” than the ones used in X-Treme. It seems that Yuji Naka did not like this proto and so the Sonic Saturn Engine was never used to develope a full Sonic game. STI tried to use the engine to create some Bonus Stages to add in the Saturn version of “Sonic 3D”, but for the lack of time they abandoned them in favour of a 3D version of Sonic 2’s special stage.

More infos on Sonic Saturn can be found on Sonic Retro and Sonic-Cult.

Thanks to Matt3 for the contribution!


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4 thoughts on “Sonic Saturn [Cancelled Prototype]

    1. monokoma Post author

      No problem Matt3! It’s not easy for me to organize all these unseen games, so often i miss some important ones.. like Sonic Saturn :P

  1. person

    Oh hey fun fact: Sonic Adventure started out on Saturn as a game called Sonic World. In fact Sonic Jam’s Sonic World was a test engine for it

  2. likalaruku

    Gotta say…. That last pic looks a LOT like Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure. I’d say that area’s concept was definitely recycled & saw the light of day.

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