Unnamed FPS [XBOX/PS2/GC – Cancelled]

Unnamed FPS [XBOX/PS2/GC – Cancelled]

This FPS demo was a prototype for a new game that was in development at Beyond Games, but later cancelled. Not much is know on its gameplay elements, but it seems that it would have some “magic powers” involved.



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2 thoughts on “Unnamed FPS [XBOX/PS2/GC – Cancelled]

  1. KuronoToriga

    Looks like it could’ve been a sequel to Shadow Man on the Nintendo 64… Since there were games released on multiple platforms and Nintendo 64 was one of those included multiple platforms most of the time, that means that Nintendo might not be the only holder to the rights or use of Shadow Man, meaning that other platforms may have been able to use it. Henceforth, that makes it possible that this unnamed FPS could have been a sequel to Shadow Man.

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