Killer 7: Beta Gameplay

Killer 7: Beta Gameplay

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In the Killer 7 Images Gallery on IGN we can find this interesting screenshot that looks like a puzzle from the game, but in the final game there is not a single puzzle that looks like this one. Was it removed? Probably, but at the same time it’s weird that this screenshot can be found ONLY at IGN: it could even be possibile that this image is from another game and it was added in the Killer 7 Gallery just for a mystake. Do you recognize this from another game? Was this puzzle really in the K7 beta? We are not sure…

Update: Thanks to Sean we have the confirmation that the bird puzzle was indeed in the beta version of Killer 7! As seen in the official Killer 7 website


Gamers who finished Killer 7 know that the puzzles in the final game are really easy and most of the time you just have to check an area with the right element Ring to resolve the “puzzle”. In the beta version, it was not so easy. Grasshopper Manufacture were developing a more complex gameplay that would had let the player to interact with the  3D scenario using the four elements (fire, water, earth, air), but sadly these kind of puzzles were removed from the final game.

We can see a glimpse of these removed gameplay elements in one of the beta trailers: in one scene, the player shots to a lamp to make the candle in it to fall on the floor, so that the fire ignites the area all around (and probably even kills the nearby Heaven Smile). There’s nothing like this in the released version.



In another removed scene, we see Mask while he charges his power and “burn” with his energy. The flames of his power start the fire-alarm and water falls on the floor to resolve an unknown puzzle. Again, in the final game there’s nothing like this.




In this scene from the same beta trailer we can see a series of Heaven Smiles that are burned by fire that comes out from some things that look like laboratory pipes. This could have been another removed puzzle and nothing like this ever happens in the released version.


Another interesting scene shows us how the player was able to shot to targets that were set in a game room, to destroy them. Again, this room and these targets are not in the final game and we can not interact so much with the 3D scenarios. We can speculate that Grasshopper had to remove this high level of interaction because they did not have enough time to create a good gameplay around it before the final release’s deadline.



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6 thoughts on “Killer 7: Beta Gameplay

  1. Sean

    I would just like to correct you, even though it is not specific, when Mask de Smith uses his “burn” element to set off the fire-alarms, there is a puzzle in the final release where you use your -spoilers for anyone who is here and hasn’t played the game-

    fire element ring to set off a fire-alarm, causing the sprinklers to go off.

    -End of spoilers-

    It’s just not the same as Mask de Smith using his beta “burning energy”.

  2. Sean

    Also, I did some digging of my own and I visited the Killer7 Website: “” and go onto the Background selection, then to the Mission “Resturant Fukushima” and on the 3rd page, the bird puzzle is there. I can’t remember myself if there is a bird puzzle in the final version, but the puzzle is most definitely in Killer7 and not any other games.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Awesome! :D Thanks a lot for the confirmation Sean! When i wrote this article i had just finished the game, so i’m sure that the bird puzzle was removed :)

  3. Sean

    It appears that it was, hmm… I wonder if they’ll ever release a Director’s Cut of the game, like an Anniversary. I would like to have seen how the original game would have been like, maybe even the original plot to follow the Hand in Killer7, it all seems so interesting.

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