Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme [GBA – Unreleased]

Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme [GBA – Unreleased]

Mandrake was an action adventure / RPG game that was in development in 2003 at 7th Sense studios: even if the game was finished, the original publisher went bankrupt and there were some problems with the copyrights so it was never released.

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One thought on “Mandrake: The Shadow of the Vehme [GBA – Unreleased]

  1. Edward Kirk

    The developer had a webpage for this game:


    During World War II, German S.S. inspired themselves to the teachings which had animated The Vehme, an unmerciful court of the Middle-Age Germany. Even military German Police were involved on the research of esotheric treasures, which could help the raise of the Reich. After about fifty years from the end of the second world war, a secret sect, called New Vehme, has taken these storical researchs to exploit the power of unbelievable magic artifacts for their will. On May 1990 prof Friedrick Haushofer, announces an amazing discovery: the finding of some sort of medieval evidences, which could carry him to the legendary treasure of the Teutonic knights. The news gets the interest of a secret sect, which inspires itself to the medieval german traditions, and to the S.S. quest for powerful magic items, makes it called New Vehme, and of the sect of Ha-Sha-Shin, to whom legend ascribes amazing magical powers! Mandrake has been invited to the unveil of the exhibition which shows the evidences found by Haushofer, a dear old date friend of him. The murder of the archeologist in the night preceeding the unveil is the beginning of an entangled mistery which brings our amazing magician to a castle in the core of Poland; into the Marienburg Cathedral; to Castel del Monte, in Puglia ( Italy), in Palermo, in Armenia, In France, in to the old mansion of a teutonic knight.


    Unveil the mistery of doc’s murdering through the wonderful scenarios of the old continent.
    Excellent isometric graphic, plenty in detail.
    Use the amazing powers of Mandrake to beat your enemies.
    Use your intelligence to defeat the strongest enemies.
    Find additional magic powers through the adventure.
    An intuitive “user-friendly” interface.
    Inventory: The player can carry with him powers and items he can use through the adventure.
    Intereresting encounters with NPC.

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