Removed character from Pokemon Gold & Silver?

Removed character from Pokemon Gold & Silver?


MajorasWrath97 has made us to notice about an interesting glitch in Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal: if you connect the japanese version to an english version, you mysteriously battle Giovanni, a character that you cant usually meet in the “normal” game. It seems that Giovanni was going to be in the final game, but it was taken out for some reasons.

Some more infos on the subject can be found here and here.

One day a friend brought a japanese gold version to my house, and we decided to battle to see if it worked. When the battle started instead of the pictures of our trainers, the image of Giovanni appeared. This mean that Giovanni does appear in the gold/silver version, or it was supposed to appear and he was removed from the games.


I remember along time ago I was battling my friend. Instead of him being his Silver character, he was Giovanni, and he sent out his Rhyhorn and it looked like a Butterfree.

Thanks to MajorasWrath97 for the contribution!

A message from Azim Germany:

Iam from Germany and i was searching for more people who has seen Giovanni in Gold or Silver as trying to fight a friend via Link Cable.
We got both the German Silver edition and by trying to fight Giovanni apears, he sends out himself and was poisioned, his name was gift (german for poison).
Sorry for bad english
Azim Germany

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