RS Links: SW Force Unleashed – The cut Force powers

RS Links: SW Force Unleashed – The cut Force powers


A new link from Robert Seddon, that lead us to an article on Kotaku that talks about some removed Jedi Powers from the latest Star Wars game:

We implemented more force powers than we shipped with […] we removed some because of consumer feed back. There were too many in the game and (the force) started getting watered down.

We had this plague power where you could infect enemies and they would get sick and lose health over time,” he said. The plague power, which showed up in a different form in the final game as a crystal power-up for the light saber, also spread. When an infected enemy got near their cohorts they would catch the killing disease too. […] The Force Unleashed is such a visceral, fast-paced time, that it wasn’t that effective.

Well… this cut makes sense i presume.. but we can only wonder which other Powers were removed..

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