[IMPORTANT!] Register to U64 to be able to access the archive

[IMPORTANT!] Register to U64 to be able to access the archive

Are you an U64 fan? Do you check our archive daily for updates? We really appreciate your love and for this reason, we want to warn you that we still have some problems with our server: we found a cheaper one, but we dont have unlimited bandwidth anymore and now we have a limit of 15 GB a month. And we have consumed already more than 10 GB. We can add more GBs  of  bandwidth for about 11 $ / 10 Euro for every GB added, but our funds are not enough to buy more bandwidth right now. We are rising more money from friends and parents, but it will probably needs some time to activate the extra GBs.

This means that from tomorrow we need to limit the access to the Unseen Archive, at least for some days or till the next month (when we’ll have 15 GB of traffic again). But.. we’ll leave the site accessible for few register members: no accounts left, invitation codes will be released soon. After those, U64 will be invite only. With your username and password you’ll be able to access to the Unseen Archive when we’ll limit the access for everyone else.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but to keep up U64 cots a lot. If you want to help, we still accept contributions through PayPal (see the bottom-right button in this page). You can just donate how much or little you want. Every cent is really appreciated and sent towards the site. We would like to thanks from the deep of our hearts Gilgalegrouik, Stereo and Miccha for their donations, thanks a lot guys, we really love you <3

Take care

The U64 Staff.

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