Saints Row [Wii – Cancelled]

Saints Row [Wii – Cancelled]

Thanks to Gone is Gone Blog we found out that Saint Row, a sandbox-style action game for the XBOX 360, was also planned to be released on the Wii. Developed by Californian Mass Media Inc, the game should had  the same gameplay of the 360 version, but with less graphic details. The game was cancelled, probably for  porting problems. A couple of screens from the Wii proto can be found at GiG, archived here for preservation purpose.


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8 thoughts on “Saints Row [Wii – Cancelled]

  1. Person

    Saints Row on wii wouldn’t suck. They already made The Godfather, Call of Duty World at War, and they are already ported Call of Duty Modern Warfare. CoDMW Reflex is a great game and so would this.

  2. NotSaying

    good thing it didnt come out because games like this dont suit the wii because it is supposed to be a more family friendly console so really they shouldnt even have CoD or Godfather.

    1. EVIL-C

      Get outta here with that “Oh Wii was more family friendly” BS. It was a games console, like any system prior or since.

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