Maintenance? What happened to U64?

Maintenance? What happened to U64?

As you have probably noticed, we had some problems with the U64 server in the last few days: what happened? Well, when Unseen 64 was created in 2001, we used a slow, limited but free web-server. Things have changed and we have grown bigger and bigger over all these years.

About a year ago we decided to upgrade the site and pay for a private web-server to be able to organize better all these unseen stuff.  But wow.. that thing costs a lot.. and as many more people started to visit U64, even the current server is not able to keep up with the bandwidth usage! It’s slower and slower.. so we need to change the server again.. to find a faster one.. and that means.. a more expensive one.

We are in the middle of the site transfer from the current server to the new one,  but while we were working on it, something went wrong and everything broke up.. so we had to close down U64 for a couple of days to fix it.  Now it seems that the site is working again, there are still some problems (the comments and the forums are currently disabled) but everything should be fine for the next week.

Now, the only problem that remains is.. we need to rise enough money to pay for the server for the next year.  Not much money is generated from those site ADS so we must pay each and every server bill ourselves. We know that not many people could be interested to donate money for a “stupid gaming site” like U64, so we though to.. open a cafepress shop. In there you can buy some U64 swag for yourself or for your friends.. and we can get some money from your shopping spree. You can even buy your favourite games through our Playasia banners if you want. But for the few, real unseen-geeks that would like to donate their pure love, we still accept contributions through PayPal. You can just donate how much or little you want. Every cent is really appreciated and sent towards the site.

And that’s all. Thank you for even reading this :)

With love, the U64 Staff.


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