Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy [PS2/XBOX – Cancelled]

Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy [PS2/XBOX – Cancelled]

As we found out some days ago, Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy was meant to be the sixth game in the Legacy Of Kain series, but it was canceled after about 3 months of development. As we can read in an interesting article at The Lost World website, this unreleased chapter could have been the one in which “Kain would have returned to the ruined Nosgoth of the future in which Soul Reaver was set“.


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3 thoughts on “Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy [PS2/XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. Insider

    In December 2009, Crystal Dynamics put out an advertisement for a job position. The position would require the applicant to work on “multiplayer vision and design effort for “one of the most prestigious AAA franchises in the industry.” There is some speculation it could actually be referring to the Legacy Of Kain series….

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