RS Links: More Torment and Arcanum unseen stuff

RS Links: More Torment and Arcanum unseen stuff

In this chapter of the Robert Seddon Links serie, we can find some interesting pages about restored content for Torment and Arcanum, a couple of computer RPG. The links of interest are:

Mods for Planetscape: Torment with previusly unused stuff.

Unofficial patch for Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura:

That restores:

‘Added race icons for Dark Elves, Ogres and Orcs. Now you can distinguish them from their brotherly races. Note: icons were in the game, but somehow were left out.’

‘Restored HEF2 (Half Elf Female 2) and NPCJay (Jayna Stiles) portraits from the beta version as the ones in the final are clearly inferior to them.’

‘Fixed Nicholas the Bartender at Madam Lil’s. He was using a generic bartender dialogue, while he had a proper one. His dialogue is rather funny, he gives you free drinks when you pay for a girl, and when you get drunk enough you get an option to sexually harass him, his comments are priceless (and random!).’

‘6 missing endings are now obtainable. These are the Death’s Champion, the Righteous Hero, the Just God, the Dark God, the Quiet God and the Undecided God.’

‘Orcish thugs will never have Potassium Nitrate (which is an unfinished item) in their inventory.’

‘Balanced Boomerang now can be bought at quality blacksmiths. The developers somehow forgot to add it in.’

‘Quality Revolver now can be bought at gunsmiths. It was forgotten as well.’

‘These are leftovers of the development. There are also leftovers of old interface and many many other things, eg originally there was a combine skill. It got replaced by technology schematics system, but there’s still art for it.’

Thanks a lot to Robert Seddon for these links and huge props to all the people that have worked on these mods!

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