A room full of Sega’s games? Even prototypes!

A room full of Sega’s games? Even prototypes!


This can be an old news for someone, in fact, it’s been a while that is circulating on gaming’s blogs, but hey, I’ve been busy, you know, the school is gonna start soon here in Italy! Leaving asides my personal issues, someone at SEGA America Blog stumbled on this room containing every (?) Sega game produced for Sega’s and competitors’ consoles. For a complete view of the games, check out the Flickr account of Sega of America .

Apparently there are even a buch of prototypes in there: “Other drawers have spindles of old sega silvers (final games playable games on regular CD/DVDs)”, it’s cool to know that Sega still preserves old builds of their games, maybe there could be another room in Sega of Japan building that contains Sonic X-Treme, Shenmue for the Saturn and so on! I’m really happy of this find, because I saw in one of the photos two interesting protos, one is Dee Dee Planet and one is an unknown game called “Sonic proof“, but I have no idea of what is that. There could even be other cancelled games I can’t see.

Unfortunately, reading this topic of the Lost Levels’ forum, it seems that SEGA does not like to keep too many unseen games in their rooms: DRX says that SEGA destroyed most if not all of its old stuff, carts, revisions etc. What you saw in that room is recent stuff. I know from several SEGA people who experienced the ‘destruction’ that for example several Sonic X-Treme builds saw their demise that way.” […] “The proto archives, a backup tape, an unreleased DC game (that i’m yet to release) that I got, they were all meant to be destroyed and were “saved” by the people I got this stuff from.

Apparently there was a lot more than just the discs I got (regarding archives), but it’s all gone now. I also know from someone else that as of ~2003 SOA possesses no sources / prototypes of any Sonic 1-3K (Megadrive) games, which I’d guess would be the case for any other games from that period. Of course, the person who gave this info could be unaware of some unlabelled discs laying around or discs in private offices or something. It’s sad really, especially when it comes to all those unreleased games. Very sad .”

How can’t I quote DRX? It ‘s terribly sad, what the hell SEGA… :(

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2 thoughts on “A room full of Sega’s games? Even prototypes!

  1. kodo

    since this is from the american office i doubt they have it there, but i wish someone could find, rip, and post the saturn builds of shenmue/project berkley or any early dreacast shenmue iii stuff. oh in a perfect world……(;_;)

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