Lots of new beta-videos have been found!

Lots of new beta-videos have been found!

The Youtube channel of LIVIADRVSILLA is full of video-previews for old games, and in that big archive we can find lots of movies from cancelled and beta games! Some of the most interesting ones are:

X-Women (Sega Genesis – Cancelled)

Trinity: The Shatter Effect (XBOX – Cancelled)

Maximum Surge [Saturn – Cancelled]

Other beta videos for The Lost, Legend of the Blade Masters & Starshot: Space Circus Fever can also be found in there.. can you find more?

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2 thoughts on “Lots of new beta-videos have been found!

  1. Laser Potato

    Trailers for unreleased games I’ve found so far on the list:
    Jungle Bots (N64)
    Judge Dredd (SNES) (a planned localization of the Super Famicom title)
    Syvalion (SNES)
    Super Troll Islands (SNES)
    Starcraft 64 (N64)

  2. monokoma Post author

    Thank you Laser Potato! Sadly in the Jungle Bots video there are no ingame scenes, but i have found a page with some screens:
    they are too small, i’ll try to contact the webmaster to see if they have a bigger version! Syvalion was released in Japan and from this data it seems that Super Troll and Starcraft 64 were released too!
    but maybe there are some beta differences in those videos?

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