Sonic Mars [32X – Concept/Cancelled]

Sonic Mars [32X – Concept/Cancelled]


Sonic Mars was being developed by Sega Technical Institute (STI), a U.S.-based developer that had worked on games such as Sonic 2, Sonic 3 , Sonic Spinball, The Ooze and Comix Zone. In its earliest conception, the game was set to be released on the Sega Genesis and later on the 32X, under the name Sonic Mars (based on the codename for the 32X, Sega Mars). Sonic Mars would also have featured Sally Acorn and the other Freedom Fighters from the Saturday morning animated series, Sonic the Hedgehog. Part of the project staff included Chris Senn, who designed demo animations in order to persuade executives, and Michael Kosaka, who was the staff leader and the game’s producer.

However, that project was eventually shifted: it was decided that the game would require much more powerful hardware to cope with the new engine, and for commercial reasons, Kosaka’s departure from Sega and the eventual commercial failure of the 32X, the release of a Sonic game on the upcoming Sega Saturn console was necessary. [Info from Wikipedia]

You can download the original script for Sonic Mars @ Sonic-Cult



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18 thoughts on “Sonic Mars [32X – Concept/Cancelled]

  1. Xavio

    If that was the gameplay… Well, it’d be like Sonic the Hedgehog (original).
    Seriously, Sonic is about being as quick as possible, in this game…hell, even Mario is faster.

  2. Alan Weir

    I looks like bubsy 3d.

    wow. why do people really want sonic x-treme? It would’ve been utter dogshit, hence why it was never released.

  3. Fartnog Buttstinkle

    Two things:

    A: A Sonic game being “dogshit” has hardly prevented Sega from releasing it before (See: essentially every Sonic game in the past 10 years) so why would this be an exception?

    B: If you knew anything about the game you’d know that in spite of all the behind the scenes bureaucracy at Sega, the game was actually turning out OK and the reason it was never released had to do far more with the state of the Saturn.

    1. Redd

      This game and X-treme looked like ass. The fact you call the 1998-2008 games dogshit yet call X-treme good makes you look awfully biased.

  4. MathUser

    I did a writeup for this game over at That’s where all of these images come from. The game was gonna focus on that SatAM cartoon series and had cameos from the characters and some of them were playable also.

  5. Manic Man

    It WASN’T X-treme. Sonic X-treme was Always a Saturn game, however, there were a number of ideas for different Sonic games.. bits were taken and ended up in X-treme. It’s normal pratice. Simply a case that after 1 Sonic game project was canned, the team were free to work on another project etc. But as X-treme, it was ONLY EVER Saturn… boy this simple mistakes are what make us Researchers have a hell of a time..

  6. monokoma

    You are right Manic Man, the Wikipedia article was not precise, sometime we just indicate all the “Unreleased STI Sonic Projects” as “X-treme” because it’s the better know one as it was the last project in the “unreleased STI projets serie”. Thanks for point that out, I’ll fix the description :)

  7. Kamen Rider Torque'

    It actually looks pretty good considering that the genesis was a 8-bit system pushing a 16-bit processer. Looks kinda like Super Mario 64

    1. Redd

      “genesis was a 8-bit system pushing a 16-bit processer”

      Um, no it wasn’t. Without the 32x, the Genesis was a 16/32-bit hybrid, whereas the SNES’ was a 8/16-bit hybrid. Sega could have marketed it as a 32-bit system (in fact, Apple did just that with their 16/32-bit hybrid computers) but they messed up.

  8. Noel

    “It actually looks pretty good considering that the genesis was a 8-bit system pushing a 16-bit processer.”

    Isn’t that an oxymoron? An 8-bit system with a 16-bit processor :D

  9. Federico

    L’hardware del 32x poteva comunque fare molto di più. Basta vedere la demo (anche su you tube) realizzata nel 1995 dal team Scavenger per capire che il 32x era ancora tutto da sfruttare. Ma quel video si riferisce davvero a Sonic Mars? In effetti vista la grafica credo di si.

  10. monokoma

    Il video è un concept fatto i quegli anni se non sbaglio, non girava su 32X direttamente per quanto ne so, era solamente un’idea di come fare il gioco :)

  11. Federico

    In effetti era una sorta di demo tecnica però girava su un 32x liscio senza modifiche (era su cartuccia ovviamente)

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