Sonic 1 Beta Remake Project @ Sonic Retro

Sonic 1 Beta Remake Project @ Sonic Retro


This is probably an old news for hardcore Sonic fans, but everyone else will be happy to know that at the Sonic Retro website they are working on a playable remake of the Sonic 1 beta! As they write on the project page: “Sonic 1 Beta Remake is a Sonic 1 hack created by Mistergambit, first released on September 14th, 2006. This hack has all of the Sonic 1 levels redesigned to look like their prototype counterparts as seen in various magazine screen shots. This hack also has new objects, such as a functioning Splats, The Checkered Ball that was scrapped from GHZ, and more. To make it seem more like a genuine prototype, Some levels are made to look unfinished.

You can read more info and download the beta remake at Sonic Retro! Props to them :)

Here’s a video from the remake of the beta Marble Zone:

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