[Unseen Interview] Ruud Van De Moosdijk

[Unseen Interview] Ruud Van De Moosdijk


Marshall Leslie has recently played the incomplete release of Corn Buster, but there is very little information available about the game, and few people know of its existence. Marshall has sent a mail to Engine Software to ask if someone who was involved in the development of Corn Buster would have been willing to provide more information concerning the game’s development history, any planned elements for the game, and the reason for its cancellation. Ruud van de Moosdijk, current VP of Development at Engine Software  who had an integral part in the development of Corn Buster, was nice enough to answer some of the questions! [Interview by Marshall Leslie] Read the rest of this entry »

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One thought on “[Unseen Interview] Ruud Van De Moosdijk

  1. FullMetalMC

    nice interview wish more companies would let us interview them *turns to Miyamoto* that guy has some explaining to do

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