[New Staffer] Another one bite the beta

[New Staffer] Another one bite the beta


We are happy to welcome GiantPooka to the Unseen 64 crew! In the U64 Staff there are so many beta geeks, but as you know, beta geeks are usually lazy, so more we are and more power we have to fight our laziness and continue to research for the truth in the mysterious world of unseen videogames! If this makes sense to you, then you are one of us too. Go go go!

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4 thoughts on “[New Staffer] Another one bite the beta

  1. monokoma

    Sort of, i think that it’s just right to welcome all the new members of the staff, we need to introduce them to all the U64 family and visitors :) Everyone in the staff give time and knowledge to expande the beta-archive, so it’s always a good time when more people want to join us

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